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DDS develops and produces access control systems. Included in its product package is the Amadeus5 software, which is responsible for carrying out access control and has several other possibilities as a complete package of the building’s security and control system.

The Amadeus5 software allows integration with a broad variety of third-party software packages and other control systems.

Over the years DDS listened to its customers and reinvented the communication systems and command mechanisms. Today, it allows connection of an almost unlimited number of controllers and networks under the management of Amadeus5.

A large part of Amadeus5’s capacities are work with multiple sites, execution of attendance reports and monitoring accesses and exits in real time, printing and production of badges for employees and guests directly from the software interface without need to pass to an external software program for printing.

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A detailed explanation of the capacities and possibilities allowed in use of the Amadeus5 system can be found in the following links:

link_32px Access control

link_32px Alarm control

link_32px Access and presence

link_32px Video interface + access control

link_32px WEB interface

link_32px Various integrations

Currently, on a parallel to constant development of the Amadeus5 system, DDS is working on development of a new work and management environment.

This environment is up-to-date, innovative and designed beyond anything existing today in the access control world.

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