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DDS produces and plans controllers for every specification and use required in the field, from controllers that work under POE voltage directly from the network without need for 220 V infrastructure and flexibility in installation to controllers with 32-bit technology plus 3 serial communication cards and network cards inbuilt on the controller.


Smart controller, POE controller for one door with 2 readers.

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OPEN controller, small controller for one door 2 readers or 2 doors with reader and opening button.

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TBL controller, this controller is DDS’s main and most common controller allowing 2 doors with 4 readers or 4 doors with 4 readers and 4 opening buttons.

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JET controller, this controller is the updated brother of the TPL with inbuilt network card, 32-bit processor and several more improvements over the TPL.

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TPL-DR controller is a TPL controller built and planned for work in industrial cabinet and adaptation to installation on standard DIN rails, making it friendly and allowing planning of a clean, efficient and quality panel.

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DS-216 controller is an alarm controller without connection to readers. It is intended principally for executing integrated installations of a system with an alarm system.

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MEGA controller is the big brother of the TPL and JET controllers. It has an improved processing capacity, a strong processor with 32-bit technology, 3 serial communication cards, built-in TCP/IP communication card, etc.

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Extension card:

Some of the DDS controllers have the possibility of connecting various extension cards from communication cards to the addition of accesses and exits for command of elevators and the addition of accessories to the control system.

Extension card on the controller

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Satellite communication-based remote extension card

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