The Austrian Commend company produces intelligent communications and intercom systems.

Its product tree contains a broad variety of solutions for any need from IP, analog exchanges, public address systems and computer-based virtual intercom systems.


 Intercom servers

  • IP and digital intercom servers, models: IS 300, GE 300, GE 800
  • Virtual intercom server: VITRO SYS
  • For support and operation from two extensions and up to thousands of extensions in one system
  • Connection of servers in IP network for connection of remote sites

Solutions can be found for any type of requirement, e.g.:

  • Parking lots
  • Elevators
  • Industrial plants
  • Blasting areas
  • Hospitals
  • Embassies
  • Offices



The types of extensions are diversified for broad field of installations and requirements:

• Offices: IP office extensions including a TFT screen for video, control and command extensions

• Door extensions: variety of extensions for indoor and outdoor conditions, extensions in vandal-resistant pack and with integration of camera

• Industry: a variety of extensions from 8000 EE series for industrial plants and resistant in harsh environmental conditions.

• Bombproof extensions: a variety of extensions from EX series for blasting areas, meeting international standards for blasting areas

IP public address systems

• IP public address amplifiers with power of 20/50 W, including line protection, line testing and automatic volume calibration. In the near future amplifiers will be available with power of 120/240 W

• IP paging mouthpiece with output of 10 W, works with POE power

• IP projector loudspeaker with output of 10 W, works with POE power

• Ceiling loudspeaker with output of 10 W, works with POE power

• A broad variety of extensions, paging mouthpieces and loudspeakers in work with SIP protocol


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